Search Server 2008 – Many Launch Updates

יום שני, פברואר 25, 2008

Hi, It's been a while since we talked about the new Search Server 2008 - I've assembled a list of updates regarding the product so we'll know where we stand. As always when talking about releases – this information is no subjected to many changes so be prepared if you're planning your deployment based on this information: The first issue is of course the release. As you know, we are still in the RC version for several months now with no change. Well, the wait is almost over. The official launch of the Microsoft Search Server 2008 ("MSS") and Microsoft Search...
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Performance Update for Outlook 2007

יום שלישי, אפריל 17, 2007

Hey, I have a confection to make: I love the new Outlook even though it has no ribbon. Yep, the sexy To-Do Bar and the cool integration with MOSS 2007 does it to me so I'm satisfying my ribbon fix elsewhere. But like all good love stories, sometime I find myself staring at the screen when Outlook is one and wishing I could just kill him slowly and painfully - one DLL after another... This is not an hardware problem. My laptop is packed with all of the nesseray performance goodies available (dual core, 2 GB Ram and most impotent: NO Vista - I recently moved to Windows 2003 R2 with an...
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