Convert Word to PDF inside a MOSS Workflow

יום רביעי, אוגוסט 27, 2008

Hi, MOSS Workflows are great for Document Management process. There are many OOTB DMS templates in MOSS and you could leverage those activities with SharePoint Designer. I had a customer that wanted a process that used the Docx file format for authoring/approving the document and convert it to PDF file format before sending outside of the organization. My first idea was to use the Office 2007 capabilities in converting Word to PDF. You can do it easily in the Save As dialog so coding this shouldn't be a problem. However, this will require installing Office client on the MOSS...
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PDF IFilter 8 – Official Adobe 64-bit Support

יום שלישי, נובמבר 27, 2007

Hi, I'm here at the Developer Academy Day in Airport City and between the great lectures and the awesome lunch – I've managed to find a few minutes to blog. I guess the Live Blogging ordeal that we have here got the best of me as well. Damm, I never thought I'll find myself giving up on desert to post a new blog… Anyway, this post is actually a new chapter for the ever-lasting issue of PDF IFilter and 64Bit (As you may remember, the last update was by FoxIT and her PDF IFilter for 64 Bit). And the...
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PDF IFilter for x64 bit

יום רביעי, אפריל 11, 2007

Never get tired of this burning issue and all of the related questions so I decided to try and put all the answers in this one post. Let's review the problem first: Adobe does not have a x64 version of the PDF IFilter for MOSS and so far there are no immediate plans from Adobe to develop one. The supported (and thus the safest) way to index PDF files is to use a 32 bit Windows Server version as our Farm's Index server and run the 32 bit version of this IFilter. Of courser, since we can only have one Index Server per farm, we're actually bound to...
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