How does Word communicate with MOSS? A bit about WSS RPC

יום שני, אוקטובר 22, 2007

Here's a question I've dealt with for the last couple of days: How does Word communicate with MOSS when a document is accessed from a document library? And better yet – How can we imitate/change this default Office Client-Server behavior? This is especially important for Offline Application that needs to preserve the MOSS-Word connection although the file is opened from the local cache (usually file system). So what is the big Office secret you ask? Is it WSS? Perhaps RPC or FP RPC? Could it be Web Services or plain HTTP that does the trick? And does WebDAV have...
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Interoperability with MOSS 2007

יום רביעי, יולי 11, 2007

Hi, Here's a very useful table I found wondering around in the internet. It contains a list of available connections between MOSS and other core applications/operating systems. Just to be clear – we're not in the SOA ideal world just yet. When you want to implement/use current implementation for connected systems – you need to pre-define the scenarios where interoperability with MOSS is most relevant. The following scenarios are best suited for this kind of soultion: Integration with Business Solutions, enabling rich access and presentation of data managed in other systems. Enterprise Search, for indexing and full-text search on...
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