SharePoint 2007 Post-SP1 Hotfixes update

יום שני, פברואר 25, 2008

Hi, It's been a while since the official release of SP1 for MOSS 2007 but god knows there is still work to be done on the product's many issues. Well, I guess Microsoft never rests since the next wave of publicly available hotfixes was just announced: The Post SP1 rollups and the Blackout Package. The Post SP1 rollups package is already available for download. It contains all of the fixes that were built during the Service Pack Lockdown timeframe (also referred to as SPLock if you ever heard the term) and did not make it into the official Service Pack. You...
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MOSS Search for SSO/Form-Based Authentication Sites

יום חמישי, אוקטובר 11, 2007

Hi, It's been a while since I wrote something. I know - It sucks. Especially since I've gathered around a couple of really cool stuff to publish. 24 hours is simply not enough! Hope we'll get more in the next SP/Release… This post will deal with a huge issue in the Crawl Engine for MOSS or MOSS For Search: Crawling content for Form-Based authentication. If you ever tried it, you probably saw that we can actually use MOSS to crawl content that is saved on forms-based authentication sites (or cookie-based authentication of course). The problem is that it practically...
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Huge list of MOSS/Office 2007 KB’s and Hotfixes

יום רביעי, יולי 11, 2007

Hi all, OK - You're definitely gonna love this one! Our story begins a week ago when I came for a system check in on of our customer's MOSS farm. He saw many errors in the Event Log regarding search and wanted to know WTF. After a quick search, I found out that this was actually a known issue and was hot-fixed and available for download in the Microsoft site. I thought that the guys would be happy but instead they came up with a very good question: "We want to do be able to do it ourselves! Where...
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