MOSS Full Template Code for Content Migration (and a word about Language limitations)

יום ראשון, נובמבר 23, 2008

Hi, Just a little something that can help the poor guys that had to use Export/Import or Content Migration methods instead of the straight-forward and hassle-free Backup/Restore. As you may have noticed, Content Migration features around WSS Sites some major limitations. The two large one you should remember are that Content Migration an only import data from sites that consist of the same language as the entire target site collection and are using the same site template. That means that even if you have the English Language pack on you MOSS Installation and you created an English WSS Site...
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How To: Move a single Site between Site Collections

יום שני, אפריל 16, 2007

Hey, I'm hearing a lot of this question in many variations and I figured it's time to solve it once and for all. The problem is well known: trying to move a WSS Site between 2 different places (such as Site Collections) is still not something we're doing with a click of a button. There is no real and easy of doing so and I've heard about many "nasty" solutions (such as Backup/Restore for entire Site Collection, Copy-Pasting everything with the Explorer View and many other messy evils). It looks like multiple teams in Microsoft have been tasked with this issue since we actually got 3 different ways to...