SharePoint 2010 – Overview of Social Computing session presentation

24 במאי 2010

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Another week, another SharePoint 2010 session!
This time we've talked about the fascinating world of social computing in the enterprise and the benefits of using SharePoint 2010 to empower you inner networking in the organization.

For those of you that missed it (and the others that wants to remember) – I'm posting here the presentations of the session:

More information on this subject and many other capabilities of SharePoint 2010 in the upcoming Virtual Event of SharePoint 2010 Launch – Save The Date!


Adir Ron.

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  1. Sion Retzkin28 בפברואר 2011 ב 11:32

    Hi Adir,
    i hope you remember me, i used to work at Mediatech.
    i wanted to know if you could send me the pptx of the Social Computing presentation