SharePoint 2010 – The Beta, The RTM and the Migration Path

11 בינואר 2010

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It's been a long time since i posted something in here – SharePoint 2007 became a bit boring to blog about 🙂 Now, with SharePoint 2010 just around the corner, it looks like it's a good time for a comeback.

In the next few posts, I will discuss many of the new features and tweaks of SharePoint 2010 and the entire 14 Wave planned to be released in March. I guess many of you already downloaded the beta and stated doing some coding/customizations around it. That's cool and all but from my talks with many SharePoint guys, I noticed that a little fact slipped through the radar: There will be NO migration path between the Beta and the RTM!

Unlike SharePoint 2007 (B2 and B2TR), this time you won't be able to upgrade servers directly from the Beta to RTM version of the server. This migration path was the cause of countless problems in 2007 and MS has decided that this time, you will have to make it a clean install and recompile/republish everything you did in the Beta. You may even have to rewrite some of the code that is subjected to changes between Beta and RTM. By the way, if you're in SharePoint TAP program – you will be able to migrate directly (with support of MS guys) but for the common mass this option will not be available!

This means a couple of things:

  1. Don't run SharePoint 2010 on production server just yet. The RTW will be online on march so you don't have to wait to much
  2. You should consider this in the time tables that you plan for SharePoint 2010 solutions.

The migration to RTM will require re-installing everything. That's it for Now. Next time, I will share some better news! That's a promise 🙂


Adir Ron

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3 תגובות

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  2. Alex from France/morocco23 ביוני 2010 ב 13:01

    I have to say that I'm facing the problem… We have put a system in production with a Beta, and of course, now we try to migrate the Beta To RTM… It has been a pain to migrate that.
    -Using Database Migration Didn't work (version conflicts)
    -Export Site /Import site neither.

    We finally managed using the content deployment feature.

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