How To: SharePoint API on Non SharePoint machine

8 בדצמבר 2008

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Yesterday, I had a customer that queried me about using the SharePoint API from a non-SharePoint machine. A fairly legitimate question. From the developer's perspective, SharePoint contains many capabilities and libraries that could be used in applications outside the SharePoint world. In our scenario, the customer created a Silverlight application on a different web server and wanted to retrieve personal user data stored in one of the HR MOSS Lists.

The solution in this case is very straight forward: SOA. Instead of copying DLL's like crazy (won't work by the way), you should definitely consider SharePoint's Web Services.

Remember: when we want to perform remote operations on your MOSS Farm or retrieve any information from it, this should probably be our first choice. Obviously, we can create our own web services and deploy it to the SharePoint server but in most cases, there will be no need for this. SharePoint provides more than 10 Out-Of-the-Box web services that are used to accomplish various requirements and data retrieval without any additional coding necessary.

I'm not talking about the famous ones (Search anyone?). I'd rather write about the least common ones. The following list is of my favorite hidden OOTB Web Services of MOSS with a small explanation about their functionalities:

Those are some powerful web services. Keep them in mind. It could provide a very elegant way to code against SharePoint from a non-SharePoint machine and for a non-SharePoint application.


Adir Ron.

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