How To: Avoid IE language settings affecting MOSS search results

11 בדצמבר 2007

Here’s another SharePoint search classic that instantly became my favorite: IE Language settings in Search Queries. Recently, one of our customers implemented an internet facing web site and used a search engine. After a week or so in the air, the Q/A team encountered some nasty and unexplained behaviors regarding the Word Breaker that is used for keywords. We’ve investigated this issue some more and found out some “small words” in the MOSS manual: if you index content using one wordbreaker but your client uses another wordbreaker for searching content - the result will be terrible since non of...
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SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool – Beta

7 בדצמבר 2007

Hi, I’ve blogged about this tool a few months ago and recited a lot of comments – mostly since the official Microsoft hasn’t talked about it at all. The buzz around this post was actually expected: As you may have noticed, capacity planning in MOSS has been a real issue in large scaled implementations and the documentation about this subject was confusing at best. To be frank, A tool that provides assistances in the decision making process regarding the recommended architecture was exactly what we need. Well, the official silence around this subject is finally over. Microsoft unveiled the existence of...
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