PDF IFilter 8 – Official Adobe 64-bit Support

27 בנובמבר 2007

Hi, I'm here at the Developer Academy Day in Airport City and between the great lectures and the awesome lunch – I've managed to find a few minutes to blog. I guess the Live Blogging ordeal that we have here got the best of me as well. Damm, I never thought I'll find myself giving up on desert to post a new blog… Anyway, this post is actually a new chapter for the ever-lasting issue of PDF IFilter and 64Bit (As you may remember, the last update was by FoxIT and her PDF IFilter for 64 Bit). And the...
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Virtualization and MOSS 2007

22 בנובמבר 2007

Hi, I want to make short and sweet (or bitter in that case). I have learnt a valuable lesson this week and I would like to share - The ONLY supported virtualization platform for MOSS is Virtual Server 2005 R2. That's right – you read correctly. Virtual Server 2005 is the only way to go virtual in MOSS. Forget about VPC 2007! Forget about Virtual Server 2005! And most importantly, forget about VMWare! Microsoft won't support any of those implementations on a production server. Several months ago, one of our customers tried to "play against the rules" and go...
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The ItemDeleted Event

7 בנובמבר 2007

Hi, This will be short and sweet. I ran into a customer yesterday tried to run a code for handling a Delete event in a document library. He responded to the "Itemdeleted" event and tried to get the SPItem object through the event's variables. However, the SPItem object consistently returned null so he couldn't do anything with it. Well – this was true in earlier version but today, this issue is fairly simple to resolve. MOSS has both sync and a-sync events in the new programming model. In our case, the ItemDeleted event is not the best one. This...
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Search Server 2008 – Finally we can talk about it!!!

6 בנובמבר 2007

Hi, I wanted to blog about this one for a very long time but all I had to watch my mouth shut up until the official declaration. Well – no more waiting! Finally it's out in the open: say a big fat hallo to Search Server 2008! As you may have figured out from the product's name, Search Server 2008 is the new guy in Microsoft's enterprise-search family and it comes with a lot of new/improved bonuses for search fans like me. So, as of November 6 (which is today…), you can finally download and test the RC version...
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All about the Document Information Panel and InfoPath issues

1 בנובמבר 2007

Hi, The Document Information Panel (AKA the DIP) is one of the coolest features in the Office System 2007 integration. If you saw it - it allows you to fill in the Document Library/Content Type metadata within the document and even bind some of the metadata into the document's body. And guess what - This is only the beginning! It's true that Sharepoint auto-builds a very nice DIP according the relevant metadata but the really neat thing about it is that you can easily customize it with the full power of InfoPath 2007. For example: I have a customer...
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