Interoperability with MOSS 2007

11 ביולי 2007

Hi, Here's a very useful table I found wondering around in the internet. It contains a list of available connections between MOSS and other core applications/operating systems. Just to be clear – we're not in the SOA ideal world just yet. When you want to implement/use current implementation for connected systems – you need to pre-define the scenarios where interoperability with MOSS is most relevant. The following scenarios are best suited for this kind of soultion: Integration with Business Solutions, enabling rich access and presentation of data managed in other systems. Enterprise Search, for indexing and full-text search on...
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Huge list of MOSS/Office 2007 KB’s and Hotfixes

Hi all, OK - You're definitely gonna love this one! Our story begins a week ago when I came for a system check in on of our customer's MOSS farm. He saw many errors in the Event Log regarding search and wanted to know WTF. After a quick search, I found out that this was actually a known issue and was hot-fixed and available for download in the Microsoft site. I thought that the guys would be happy but instead they came up with a very good question: "We want to do be able to do it ourselves! Where...
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Guidance on Wildcard/Boolean search for SharePoint 2007

10 ביולי 2007

Hey all, Haven't published anything in a while so my head is pretty packed with new info I'd like to share. However, even the greatest journeys start with one minor step (I think I heard this sentence in Spiderman? Or was it Lord of the Rings? No way I came up with this sentence by myself! Post a replay if you recognize…) so let's dive into our first subject. This post will be dedicated to a very burning Enterprise Search subject – Boolean and Wildcard support in MOSS. I especially think we need to clear once and for all...
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