Performance Update for Outlook 2007

17 באפריל 2007

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I have a confection to make: I love the new Outlook even though it has no ribbon. Yep, the sexy To-Do Bar and the cool integration with MOSS 2007 does it to me so I'm satisfying my ribbon fix elsewhere. But like all good love stories, sometime I find myself staring at the screen when Outlook is one and wishing I could just kill him slowly and painfully – one DLL after another…

This is not an hardware problem. My laptop is packed with all of the nesseray performance goodies available (dual core, 2 GB Ram and most impotent: NO Vista – I recently moved to Windows 2003 R2 with an awesome vista transformation pack) – so I had to ask myself WTF? I also noticed that performance became extremely lame when I'm using the mailbox with the large .pst file. 

I guess someone in Microsoft noticed it as well since they've just released an update for Outlook 2007 which handles some performance issues and especially the one with the large mailbox files. This update also fixes a problem in which a calendar item that is marked as private is opened if it is found by using the Search Desktop feature – I never got around it and heck, let's keep it this way.

Anyway, not too much point in wasting time reading this post. Go ahead and download it from here.


Adir Ron.

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