SharePoint 2010 – Overview of Social Computing session presentation

24 במאי 2010

Hi, Another week, another SharePoint 2010 session! This time we've talked about the fascinating world of social computing in the enterprise and the benefits of using SharePoint 2010 to empower you inner networking in the organization. For those of you that missed it (and the others that wants to remember) – I'm posting here the presentations of the session: More information on this subject and many other capabilities of SharePoint 2010 in the upcoming Virtual Event of SharePoint 2010 Launch – Save The Date! Bye, Adir Ron.
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Content Management in SharePoint 2010 – Session Presentations

11 באפריל 2010

Hi, Haven't written in while since we had some holidays here in Israel but I'm back and I'm bearing gifts! Earlier this month, we had a session about Content Management in SharePoint 2010. It was five hours packed with a very deep into the new & exciting features, capabilities and methodologies in the new release. It took a while but I've compiled a PDF version of the presentations & demoes from the various sessions available for you here: New ERA in Content Management: ECM Deep Dive in SharePoint 2010: I highly recommend downloading them. This is a very complicated issue in this version...
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SharePoint 2010 Overview & Introduction to SharePoint 2010 Service Architecture – Session Slides

9 בפברואר 2010

Hey, First of all, many thanx to those of you who attended my SharePoint 2010 sessions in Microsoft. This was the first session we've made publicly available to customers and it really kicked off the launch of SharePoint 2010 events scheduled all through the coming months. Hope you all got a glimpse of the SharePoint capabilities and I promise further drill down on the large topics in future events. Attached here are the slides for both of my presentations. The Overview session mainly discussed the Information Worker features and was aimed for the end users. The SharePoint 2010 Service Architecture session...
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SharePoint 2010 Search Overview – Session Slides

21 בינואר 2010

Hey All, Two days ago, we dedicated a day in Microsoft headquarters in Ra'anana to the fascination world of Search in SharePoint & FAST 2010. The agenda was to demonstrate new solutions based on Wave 14 technologies such as SharePoint 2010 and FAST for SharePoint that scale up your SharePoint project. This great workshop hosted 2 wonderful FAST specialists that joined Microsoft with the FAST acquisition: Paolo Pulcini & Stefano Valenzi. My session gave a fairly comprehensive lap around SharePoint 2010 search and the differences from the previous versions. For those of you that missed it and for the attendants that...
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SharePoint 2010 – The Beta, The RTM and the Migration Path

11 בינואר 2010

Hey, It's been a long time since i posted something in here - SharePoint 2007 became a bit boring to blog about :-) Now, with SharePoint 2010 just around the corner, it looks like it's a good time for a comeback. In the next few posts, I will discuss many of the new features and tweaks of SharePoint 2010 and the entire 14 Wave planned to be released in March. I guess many of you already downloaded the beta and stated doing some coding/customizations around it. That's cool and all but from my talks with many SharePoint guys, I noticed...
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My Silverlight & MOSS Session – Download the Presentations

5 בפברואר 2009

Hi, I got a lot of requests for posting my Silverlight & MOSS presentations from the session we had last month. I've added some more info in the slides so that you can go even deeper (especially the .Net developers) when you go over them now. Well, what are you waiting? Go and Light up the MOSS!!! Links: Bye, Adir Ron. P.S. – All of the demos are already published in Codeplex so you can view the full source code at you spear time. If you never browsed Codeplex and you need me to point you in the right direction,...
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How To: SharePoint API on Non SharePoint machine

8 בדצמבר 2008

Hi, Yesterday, I had a customer that queried me about using the SharePoint API from a non-SharePoint machine. A fairly legitimate question. From the developer's perspective, SharePoint contains many capabilities and libraries that could be used in applications outside the SharePoint world. In our scenario, the customer created a Silverlight application on a different web server and wanted to retrieve personal user data stored in one of the HR MOSS Lists. The solution in this case is very straight forward: SOA. Instead of copying DLL's like crazy (won't work by the way), you should definitely consider SharePoint's Web Services....
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My Upgrade Solutions using MOSS 2007 Enhancements Session

1 בדצמבר 2008

Hi, Just finished the Session of using MOSS 2007 Enhancements Session. This session covered most of the Codeplex/Microsoft solutions dedicated to the MOSS 2007 enviroment. I already got a lot of requests so I'm attaching it to this blog. Can also be downloaded here if you can't download it form the blog itself. Use it wisely J Bye, Adir
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Light Up The MOSS: My Silverlight and SharePoint session

27 בנובמבר 2008

Hi, Yesterday, I gave a session in the Israeli Office User Group about Silverlight & SharePoint integration. I have to say that the feedback was AMAZING. I'm attaching the Session's presentation: "Light Up The MOSS" so you can download and go over the links. By the way: A full day about Silverlight & MOSS is planned for January. It'll be very comprehensive and much more low level than the User Group. It'll be on the Events section of Microsoft very soon but for now just SAVE THE DATE: 21/1/09. Bye, Adir Ron P.S - I understood that some of you can't see the file so I...
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