Setting up a Ruby On Rails dev environment from scratch on windows

14 ביולי 2011

Want to start with Ruby and Rails and have no idea where to even begin?Check out - it contains pretty much everything you need to get started, in a way that is very easy and painless.  RailsInstaller 1.1.1 Demo from Engine Yard on Vimeo. The video on that site will tell you everything you need to know to get started on your "hello world" website, including using git, pushing to github and generating rails related views.  
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Video: Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

9 ביולי 2011

during QCon 2011 in London, I gave a talk about the new qualities that team leaders need to make agile succeed. It's a very small fraction of what I cover and coach during my upcoming course. See the full video here some of the things I cover include top mistakes that team leaders do with teams. most of these are closely related to elastic leadership principles - changing the leadership type based on the team's current maturity.
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The first Ruby on Rails course in Israel is open for registration

8 ביולי 2011

if you've ever wanted to learn ruby on rails in Israel, but didn't know how to start on your own, I think you'd find this very interesting! (no, I am not teaching it. someone with much more experience than me is) Web Development in Ruby on Rails Course Number 4564 – 40 Hours Overview: This is an introductory course to Ruby on Rails, a popular, open-source framework for developing Web applications. Developers (and the organizations for which they work) love Rails, because it allows them to create high-quality applications quickly and reliably. Both Ruby andRails embrace object-oriented programming to a very large degree, also embracing (and...
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Ruby User Group: upcoming meeting on Ruby next week

Hi all. Next week the Ruby Underground meeting is actually taking place in Microsoft in Herzliya. The topics of the meeting will be about Sinatra, and a glimpse of one developer's development environment and what tools they use on a daily basis. It is totally free to join, and if you're interested in Ruby at all, this is a warm and welcoming group of people who'd love to help you learn! Sessions:   Sinatra Intro (50 min) by Gregory Mostizky What, why and when of Sinatra? Why not Rails? Hello world. (building a live app) Routes. Views. ActiveRecord? Testing. Overview of advanced stuff. BREAK • My development environment (50...
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New User Group: Ruby Underground – Ruby and Ruby On Rails for .NET Developers

16 במרץ 2011

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about when people talk about Ruby and Rails? Now's your chance to get in on the inside loop and join a rapidly growing community of practice here in Israel on this very subject. We've started a new user group for Ruby and Ruby on Rails development in Israel, called Ruby Underground. Find out why sites such as,, and many others chose Ruby on Rails to run on. Learn a new programming language and framework that is vastly different from .NET Get out of your comfort zone and become a better developer...
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Are Software Factories too complicated to be used in the real world?

16 במאי 2006

Continuing this thought, one of the more interesting answers that came up at teh TechEd Architecture panel by Guy Ron is that the Software Factories initiative is most likely to fail from the evidence thus far. He mentioned a big project for the healthcare industry (HL7 Software Factory) and how, even today, a long time after it started, it still has not finished. Microsoft was trying to build (with third parties) the full object model of the HL7 so that applications can be built against it. For now, it has proved too complicated to come up with such generic components...
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Q&A: Microsoft, UML and Software Factories

Q: Software Factories and UML Has Microsoft Abandoned UML? Is the Domain Specific Language path so different than UML? Can they be combined?   From what I’ve seen so far, and from talks I had with various people (including Steve Cook, from the original UML Team, now at Microsoft), Microsoft have sort of “adapted” an easy to use and understand version of the UML. They took the basic idea of shapes and arrows and made it work on the level of a specific domain which is in turn used in a Software Factory. Most people I know have done *some* UML,...
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Why did 2,000 people leave in the middle of Steve Sinoflsky's Tech-Ed Talk? Not Just Boredom

14 במאי 2006

    On the first day of Tech-Ed, on the assembly Talk (the one that takes two and a half hours), Steven Sinofsky, the new manager of the windows division, went up on the podium to talk. He was on after a couple of short films (whihc were funny) and a short introduction from Lior Tzoref (the official teched blogger who won't take comments). There was magic in the air as 3 thousand people watch Steve go up onto the podium to talk about his vision for a better windows. This was the main assembly at the conference. Surely there were going...
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